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    Is there a way to integrate MyVR into Stessa? I’m starting to use Stessa as a tool to better track the profitability of my STR’s and it would be great to be able to automatically see my rental revenue calculated in the Stessa app.

  • MyVR Employee

    If you have engineering or development resources, you could look into options with the open API we offer (on the Pro Plan).

    The other alternative is checking to see if their software is compatible with Zapier. Zapier, whom we have a direct integration with, acts as a middle-man for different software providers to link up systems without any development or engineering resources.

    Otherwise we do not have a direct integration with them at this time.

  • MyVR Employee

    @Mike-Wesling one other thing to add is that if you are working with Stessa and know a contact there, you can see if they’d be willing to build to our API. Several of the partners who we integrate with went this path - so it may be worth putting directly on their radar.

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