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    The county Board of Supervisors for my vacation rental approved the adoption of a change to the Tourism District which is eliminating the short term rentals. This in turn means as of Jan 1 2020 I no longer collect and remit a 2% tax to the county. My guests will be happy to get a refund back. My question to the community is if you've experienced a situation like this and any lessons learned on handling the change in tax % collected and subsequent refunds to the guests.

    The tax collector was at the BOS meeting and stated he'd have to contact AirBnB and find out how they will handle this since the change is affecting anyone with five or less units. Since I don't personally collect/remit tax Abnb collects, I'll wait for them to send me some notice or follow up if I don't hear before January.

    I plan to submit a feature request to MyVR about adding in start/stop dates for tax collection since at any time the rate can change and not having the ability to specify dates to begin or end a certain tax% can make the collection a bit more challenging.

    I have a plan to deal with this on my site and VRBO, but still just curious what other advice the MyVR community might have, if any.

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