What to do if someone brings a pet and I no longer ask for a damage deposit?

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    I recently signed up for the Assurant insurance in lieu of asking for a damage deposit. I don;t allow pets and used to state that if a pet was found, I would keep the $300 damage deposit. Now that I don’t collect a damage deposit, I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to set up some sort of financial recourse if the house rule is broken.

    Thanks for any ideas!!!

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    @roanne-mayer My best recommendation is to clearly state in your rental contract that if a pet is brought onto the property, the guest will face immediate eviction and/or a $300 fine, to be automatically charged to their payment on record. I use HelloSign to get signatures and initial the cancellation policy when someone books. I’d also get them to initial that. Then, if you have proof of them with a pet on the property (photo), you can automatically charge their card. Eviction is up to you. Just my thoughts.

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    That is an awesome idea Jenny! I have not heard of ‘Hello Sign’ - so appreciate the ideas!

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