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    We’ve just moved over to MyVR and I’m fielding alot of questions around the Owners Portal and showing income/Booking Revenue for a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Has anyone mastered this problem yet?

    I do have access to the API and experience in development, but I’m quite surprised there isn’t an out-of-the-box solution for this.

    Any feedback welcomed.


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    Thanks for asking Darren, I have the same question and am patiently waiting for someone to chime in. I’d like to know if a viable answer for this is feasible before transitioning our entire business to MyVR.

    Even a simple integration of the property reporting feature into the owners portal would suffice, but I’ve set up an unpublished OP which really doesn’t give any indication of that at all.

    I’d also like to see a way for us to be able to retain additional owner information such as owners credit card information for things such as maintenance, cleaning, fees for supplies, other fees, etc. can be paid for directly via the property owners credit card.

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    Hey @Darren-Morgan - I caught your post about Xero in another community post, so it looks like you’re exploring systems that may integrate with MyVR already, however, I wanted to also mention the possibility of using Zapier. Have you explored that as an option? It syncs to several other accounting systems (Quickbooks & Xero included) & serves as a build-your-own connection to what you may specifically be looking for.

    This would get you as far as creating custom reports on the cadence that you want, but you would still need to manually post into the Owner’s Portal (unless you figured that part out through the API).

    I encourage you to post this scenario into a feature request so our eng team can evaluate your use case.

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