Variable minimum night stays when using dynamic pricing integration

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    Is there a way to automatically set-up a rules-based minimum nightly rate when you use dynamic pricing (we use Beyond Pricing).

    For example, at weekends and during holiday periods, a 2-night minimum, but from Sunday through Wednesday night a 1-night minimum. Bonus points if we can set this up on an orphan night basis (i.e. 2-night minimum unless we have a 1-night gap in the calendar)… actually this would be our ideal scenario… being able to fill last minute gaps in our calendar - we find business travelers tend to be very last minute (e.g. “I just landed for work and need a place to stay” is a common one we get!!).

    I don’t want to be manually adjusting this ideally, although from what I see I do have the option at least, of going into each property > rental rates > custom rates and then editing the min. stay for an orphan night.

    I think that Beyond Pricing has some of these capabilities, but I don’t know that it then syncs to MyVR.


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    @sebastien-long I make those adjustments under the customization section. But it has to be done by date. So it will be a lengthy list for you.

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