Wink/Z-Wave for Wifi Door Locks

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    Hi there!

    I see there was some discussion previously regarding door locks that you can remotely lock/unlock and use Wink. It didn’t seem like a positive experience, but the post was about a year ago, so I’m wondering if people like Wink and their wifi capable door locks? Do I need a Wink hub for each property? I tried to reach out to Wink directly but they are taking a while to get back to me.

    Thanks everyone!


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    @amanda-king - Wink appears to be a fading company according to my smart home tech. I think more and more of these locks are working through their own apps these days. My Wink hub was difficult to replace, but I do still have one for my locks.

    The down side to the hub is that it’s another intermediate piece of equipment that can block your capabilities. Mine needs to be reset now and then (don’t know why) so I have to have a tech go to the property to reset it.

    I think my next step is to have locks with their own apps.


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    Thank you, Jenny! I think I can work with a lock that has its own app, as I won’t be doing any additional smart features that these hubs offer, however I want to be sure I can operate all locks from the same account and app. It would be a headache to have a log-in for each property!

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    @amanda-king I have fully automated solution that can work with all most all the zwave locks.

    You get a reservation on myvr, on booking you will get the door code set on locks and pushed back to myvr so you can communicate to your guests using myvr automation.

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    We use the Vera Plus with a z-wave Kwickset 914. We have one property and our MyVR listing is not integrated with the channels so when a reservation comes in from any source, I add the door code to the reservation in MyVR which updates the email to the guest (I use last four of phone#). Then I add the door code to the Vera web interface. Which in turn programs the door lock with Z-Wave. I have no other Z-Wave home products or automation, just the door lock.

    We do replace the batteries a few times a year which is fine with me. The Vera controller monitors the battery level and is displayed online. We are coastal so everything requires frequent maintenance.

    In the beginning, I was running the Vera through an Access Point I used as a router for internet. The Vera and AP began to loose connectivity with each other and became a problem for me. That was resolved by buying an actual router (should have done to begin with) and then linking the Vera to the router instead of the AP (I monitor/control guest internet usage with the AP). After that change up, everything works perfectly.

    When a guest leaves, I delete their code. I can set start/end date and times on the Vera for each guest, but I don’t. I had a hiccup with one guest who had asked to arrive early and I had made the change in arrival times while sitting on a flight ready to depart. My change didn’t get completed properly and the guest couldn’t get in. He’s a regular so it wasn’t a huge issue and was quickly resolved by my PM.

    For me, this works, gives me real time insight of when people come and go and other than issues I created, it’s working very well. Vera has a phone app and I can manage door codes with it as well. I can lock the door remotely if someone leaves but did not lock the door, or unlock it if I need to let someone in. I think I can have 30 door codes programed through Vera at a time, which is enough for us.

    My experience with a home controller is you would need one in each property, but I’ve read there are some door locks that could be connected via wifi and maybe those do not need a controller on the property just internet connections. I think the Vera website allows you to link up more than one device, but I do not know if those are in different locations - It wasn’t something I was looking to do so did not research. They have an active user community online that might offer insight too.

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    Would be happy to share our success with zwave door lock and myvr integration. please feel free to reach out

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    Thanks all for the help! We ended up going with a Schlage lock as they have their own app that supports multiple properties and isn’t subject to our guests downloading an app, but they may use a code we provide. It seems to be working great so far!

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