Payment issues after refunding customer for payment mistake

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    Hello all,

    Customer made a reservation, which we approved and put in payment terms. Customer made payment in full instead of just the deposit. They asked us to refund them and they will pay when payment date is due. We refunded them on the myvr website,. But now the system thinks they paid in full. The system is not recognizing that there is still an amount due. Or I don’t know how to make the system show that now that we refunded, the reservation now has a new amount due.

    How do I get the system to keep the same quote, but allow me to ask for payment of the amount due - yet again.

    Summary, we refunded the customer because they overpaid and now we can’t get the system to reflect the amount due (same as what we refunded them).

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    @linda-lanzl I’ve had this happen. The work around I used was to create a new quote that adds an additional refundable deposit to the amount due equal to what you refunded. Then update the terms to reflect the new quote.

    If you need more help, let me know.

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    @Linda-Lanzl @Jenny-Oest I just had a similar issue for a guest who wanted to use two cards. In the past I have used Jenny’s method with no problem but last night I tried it and even with the new quote and new terms and having refunded the second payment that was processed in the wrong card, the system still shows as paid in full.
    I did a one off charge to the new credit card, but that isn’t ideal because my accounting will now all be off.

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    @carole @Linda-Lanzl you need to make sure that the new total due from the guest INCLUDES the additional deposit, so that it’s accurate to reflect the total amount paid by the guest. Then the refund would be toward the refundable deposit.

    For example guest originally owes $700+$300 deposit ($1000) and paid $1000, but wanted to do $500, $500 instead. Change the terms to $700+$800 deposit. Then the payment schedule will show $500 still due to process the next payment. And you can record the $500 refund as a deposit refund. That leaves you with the correct rent and deposit.

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    Thanks. That’s exactly what I just did and it worked great. Had to manually enter the $$$ they had left over and showed that as money in deposit.

    Thanks to all who responded. We learn new things all the time !!!

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