Coding of funds received through a MyVR website

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    I have a guest that wants to use a credit card that gives them 2x points for travel purchases. He wants to know if my website or the MyVR payment processing program codes the payments processed as “Travel”, specifically in his case for Chase. However, I imagine if the funds are categorized and coded anywhere the category code is probably universal for all banks.

    Stripe is my merchant bank processor, and I can’t see anything obvious in any of the data for my transactions that would indicate a category of funds or code.

    Does anybody know this answer, or where I could find this answer or who I should ask?

    Sallie Haws

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    @sallie-haws - I think that’s a question for the guest to ask the bank that issues the card. It will depend upon how they (their bank) defines “travel purchases”.

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    @jenny-oest Thanks. Seems reasonable. I’ll see if my guest can get that info out of Chase.

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