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    I'm in the process of setting up a promotion for the fall and would like to offer Pay For Two, Stay For Three. There's no way to restrict number of nights booked in the promo setup (or is there?), so if I input a ~33% discount this works great, but only if someone reserves three nights. If someone is reserving more than three nights, and I want to honor one comped night how can I apply just the one night's rate off? A percentage discount won't work here. Any suggestions on setup and/or a workaround? thank you

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    @olivia-inman - do you have different nightly rates? Will it be 25% off if they book 4 nights? I think there are many scenarios to make this complex.

    Another workaround option might be to tell them that if they book directly on your website, the discount will a) be refunded with their deposit, or b) applied to their next stay? then you can manually calculate the correct amount?

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    We're wanting to promote a third night free for minimum two night bookings. Yes, agree the manual refund after reserving may be the way to go. I can't create the promo as a % since we're not wanting to give more than just one nightly rate for a longer stay reservation.

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