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    Re: Canceling a Reservation

    We recently had a guests who wanted a full refund. The reservation source was Homeaway. I was going to oblige but I was not going to issue a cancellation on my end. I wanted the guest to initiate the cancelation from the homeaway app.

    MyVR provides ability to cancel and refund … but does this owner initiated cancelation negatively impact owner performance ratings on Homeaway?

    My understanding is that owner initiated cancellation on the homeaway app does give a negative rating to the owner who cancels. Assuming that would be true in my VR?

    Something was strange with the cancelation process with MyVR and Homeaway. All the parties seems to be pointing to the other to initiate cancellation

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    @joseph-coniker - I spoke with my HomeAway partner rep and they explained to me that when you process the cancellation, you just need to note the reason as “Renter Cancelled”, and that will not count toward your cancellation statistics. 🙂

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