MY VR integration with accounting software

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    Does anyone know the best way to import MY VR accounting into an accounting software program? Quickbooks, Excel, anything? Currently, our accountant is printing statements and hand inputting the financials and she is looking for a more efficient way.

    Thanks for the help!

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    @donna-evans - I struggle with that every day, but I DO know they're working on some items.

    Currently there are capabilities for manually exporting customers/reservations to excel and/or CSV files. Then you can manually manipulate data and then import it to QB. But I haven't mastered anything to the point of eliminating a step, so I manually enter everything. The only time I used it (automated entry) was when I lost 3 months of accounting data that I had to re-enter. I used the reservations export to create a worksheet, and then used the worksheet to import/create customers in QB.

    I've played with Zapier a bit too, with both the Beta API interface and using 3rd party emails to Zapier to create worksheets. While the latter has been create for creating my to-do lists, it has not worked to transfer financial data.

    Be sure to rank this with feature requests! The more users that need it, the higher it may rank in their priorities. They do pay attention to what users need! 🙂


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