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    Hello, We currently have the legacy plan that has been discontinued and are looking to upgrade to access your and airBnB apps.

    We are considering switching over to the Plus plan which shows 14.50 per property per month. If I were to start originally with 20 properties it shows me at 290 per month total. Is that correct. Then if I upgrade to 25 or more properties, It would just increase by 14.50 (or less) per property in increments of 5?

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    Hi @Chad-Service -

    If you pay month-to-month, the current subscription price as of 12/10/16 for the new “PM - Plus” plan is:

    • $14.50/prop/mo, or $290/mo total for 20 properties
    • 13.30/prop/mo, or $333/mo total for 25 properties

    If you pay annually, up-front:

    • $13.05/prop/mo, or $261/mo total for 20 properties
    • $11.97/prop/mo, or $299/mo total for 25 properties

    Many apps and services in the apps and services marketplaces have charges and/or booking fees, so just be aware of that that (depending on what plan you’re coming from) things work differently than the plan you had previously. For example, the channel management apps you’re looking to add have a booking fee associated with them.

    Batch 1 for the beta is filling up if it’s not filled already, but I believe we have Batch 2 coming not too far behind it.

    If you have questions about your particular situation in converting plans from old plan to new, we’re happy to have a sales person chat with you. This big change in our pricing approach is not something we hope to have to do often - we’ve been building out a lot of major features for the past 4 years and it was time to clean up our product, and how we package and price it, given how much it’s evolved in that time period. Unfortunately, this is inevitably going to create some confusion for those who’ve already been accustomed to the old way, but we’re happy to help you through it - and I appreciate the question here.

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