Occupancy Report Which includes all reservations on MyVR and other listing sites

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    I want to calculate my occupancy rate for a specific quarter, and I want to include all nights booked from all booking platofrms I have listings on. I don't use MyVR channel management. When I view my availability calendar on MyVR I can see the reservations made on all booking platforms. But when I make the occupancy report, only the nights booked directly from my web site are showing. Is there a way to do this with MyVR? Maybe there is another way? I have all of my bookings on a google calendar too, so could use that calendar to make the report if I need to.

  • MyVR Employee

    @sarah-peabody this is a great use case for our API & Data Access > Manual Export feature. You can download a number of reports, filtered by stay dates & sources. I would recommend starting with the Reservations report to understand occupancy.

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