existing airbnb listings don't integrate with Owners App?!

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    I have an existing Airbnb account with 13 listings, all active with reservations and reviews. I've imported these listings from Airbnb into MyVR. When I try to activate and then add these listings into the Airbnb for Owners App, the app sends a whole NEW listing to Airbnb to be published. Why?!

    How do I connect the existing listings so that I don't lose reservations, reviews, etc?


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    Hi @Danielle-Dirks - it sounds like something incorrect may have happened in the mapping process. I'm outlining the correct steps below. I recommend going through these steps again to properly map your listings ASAP. We will want to remove your duplicate listings as well - the support team can assist you with that.

    Here are the steps to properly map MyVR listings to existing listings in Airbnb (from the MyVR help center).

    11A. Existing Listing (the property is already on Airbnb)

    If you imported your property data from Airbnb into MyVR, you will want to map the MyVR listing with the existing Airbnb listing. In the https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/sync page, you'll see the MyVR account listings in the left-hand column and the Airbnb available listings in the second column (refer to the screenshot below for an example).

    0_1563206576517_Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 9.02.42 AM.png

    11B. Airbnb Listing: Match each MyVR listing from the first column, to the correct Airbnb existing listing in the second column. Click the drop-down menu and scroll down or search for the existing Airbnb listing.

    11C. Sync Settings: You'll want to select Everything sync. There are rare circumstances you would want to use Limited Sync (usually only if a listing is an Airbnb PLUS listing) See Airbnb's article on Limited Sync for more details.

    11D. Then Publish the listing.

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