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    This is the third time I have asked this question. I am trying to take my property off of channel management with Trip Advisor as I have not received one inquiry since I started. Did better with my own rates etc. Trying to get back there.
    Thank you~

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    Hi @Jill-Evarts, you'll find the steps to disconnect from TripAdvisor below. I'm also including some links to previously answered questions of yours around adjusting your property's pricing specifically for TripAdvisor.

    Here's where we discussed how to change nightly rates for a single channel. In this case, you can apply a percentage decrease to make your pricing more competitive.

    Here are the details on how to disconnect:

    1. Contact TripAdviros/Flipkey support
      Email them at pmsupport@tripadvisor.com or call them at 1-877-354-7539 to tell them to disconnect your channel management software (MyVR) from your account.

    2. Once they have removed MyVR’s access to your listings In MyVR, go to Apps > Installed > HomeAway > Uninstall App

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