Extra fee for late check out/early check in

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    I would like to start giving guests the option of paying extra for late check outs/early check ins and have this revenue go directly to me (the management company) as opposed to showing this revenue in the homeowner statement. Is there anyway on myVR to send someone an invoice/payment request that is not linked to a specific property? Any other suggestions?

    I do something similar for a few parking spots that I offer. I've made a separate listing for the parking spots and send renters a separate payment quote directly through myVR regardless of where they initially booked their stay. Unfortunately this would not quite work for the late check outs/early check ins unless I made a second listing for each property.

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    @scott-yesner - I do the same thing you do for the parking spaces. I book them as separate properties in order to maintain separate calendars.

    As for the owner statements, where are you generating your invoices to upload to the portal? If you're using QuickBooks, I may have several ideas for you.

    -- Jenny

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