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    I would like to override some of the rates for channel management with Trip Advisor do not se how to do this without turning it off completely. Is there a way to do this? Also how do I cancel channel management? I have not received one inquiry since I switched to channel management for TA, so thinking about going back to doing it myself.

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    Hi @Jill-Evarts - happy to help.

    If I'm reading that correctly it sounds like you may want account for the channel management fees in your rates. To do that, we have a Nightly Rate Adjustment feature which allows you to apply up to a 25% increase or decrease on your property's rates for that channel. Head to Channels > Full Integration > [Select Channel] > Channel Settings > Nightly Rate Adjustment

    A screenshot of what you'll find in that feature is below, and more details about the feature are in a previous community post:

    0_1560443260414_Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 9.23.31 AM.png

    Before disconnecting, I recommend also checking out the additional options in "Channel Settings." We provide the space to further market your listings with channel-specific settings. In this case, TripAdvisor allows MyVR users to create a unique headline for only the TripAdvisor listings, and additional description text as well. You're also able to create an auto-responder for TripAdvisor to immediately respond to guests who inquire about your listings. This increases the response rate, boosting potential performance.

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    @Jill-Evarts tagging you in this thread for reference on your original question!

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