NEW: Cleaners & Maintenance is Live!

  • MyVR Employee

    We're excited to share that MyVR's Cleaners & Maintenance feature is officially live on the Pro Plan!

    0_1559596706149_Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 2.18.14 PM.png

    This powerful new tool allows users to create and manage jobs with specific job types, templates, automation rules, and more. Jobs are tied directly to reservations, and operations partners can access job lists and requirements from their phone.

    High-Level Overview of Features:

    • Job types are used to provide default settings to job templates, automated and manually created jobs.
    • Job templates can be used to create jobs settings for automated and manually created jobs.
    • Job automation rules are used for automating the creation of jobs based on events.
    • Workers can be assigned to specific jobs
    • Job views are helpful to determine upcoming jobs, past jobs, and jobs in draft status.
    • Job statuses are used to easily determine whether is job is assigned, in progress, completed, etc.

    Head to Operations > Cleaners & Maintenance to get started, and check out our help center resources for more how-to details! As always, if you have feedback, submit a feature request.

  • Explorer


    Wow, two heavy hitting releases in a row? Congrats guys! Happy to see this added functionality!

  • MyVR Employee

    We're hosting two webinars next week to showcase the features and functionality of Cleaners & Maintenance. We'll also answer live questions at the end. We encourage everyone to attend!

    Registration is Required. Follow these links above to sign up! Note: we're covering the same content for both webinars, so no need to sign up for both.

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