Can we create E-Mail Templates by Property Groups?

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    Can we create E-Mail Templates by Property Groups?

    For State Regulatory reasons, mostly related to Accounting practices, we have been required to split into two companies. We have been able to create Stripe Accounts tied to unique Booking Policies for each company.

    We find we need to be able to create unique e-mails by Property, or at least by Property Group.

    Not just to identify the proper company (a regulatory requirement) , but also to allow us to provide proper check out instructions.

    We have 25 units with dishwashers and 18 units without dishwashers. We don’t want to tell the guests to load the dishwasher and run it if they don’t have one.

    We have 17 units where we wish to tell the guests the hours where they might enjoy a complimentary Continental Breakfast.

    And so on. Is this possible in MyVR currently?

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    @joseph-sennish yes I do it now. Check out procedures are are great example. I use the custom fields to enter the information that varies with each property. Then I create a template that pulls those custom fields into the email.


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    @Joseph-Sennish - I believe @Jenny-Oest answered the bulk of your question, but the nature of the Message Templates is to make them dynamic enough to pull in the relevant information you need and then apply it to a group after the template is created. The order of operations would be to;

    1. Break out your properties into the groups that make the most sense (Ex: PM Company 1 Properties, PM Company 2 Properties)
    2. Then create the relevant templates (Setup > Message Templates > My Templates) based on what kind of content you need for some properties
    3. Go go Automation > Stay Email and select with property or property group you want that message template to apply to.

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    That’s great news. For those who have watched the Automation Video Tutorial, the “Automation” menu has moved from being part of the “Setup” menu to having it’s own space directly under “Reservations”.

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