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    HI guys - Is there a page where I can see the daily collections on Stripes? I have many properties and I want to know how much money was collected today - and from whom?


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    Hi Vivin,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, there is a report of Stripe Payments, but it’s a new feature launched in late October, so it may require an upgrade to a current plan, depending what plan you’re on.

    The report can be found under “Reservations” as shown here:


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    You can also find this information directly on your Stripes account. If you don’t already have your login credentials or have ‘played around’ in there, I’d recommend starting there.

    When you log into your Stripes dashboard, just click on payments, for a complete list of payment transactions, OR if you want them grouped by transfer, just click on Transfers for the detail:

    Here is what the payments page on the dashboard looks like:

    0_1481156863973_Payments Page List.png

    And Here is the Transfers Page:

    0_1481156911284_Transfer Page List.png

    Just click on the Transfer for date that you want to see and it will pull up the list. The next two pages show the detail:

    0_1481156982757_Transfer Detail Entry.png

    0_1481157011787_Payment Detail - Stripe.png

    I blocked out names, but you should be able to see the complete name on the transaction.

    Tip: Remember that if a different name appeared on the credit card than on the reservation, these might not match up for you unless you’ve made some notations somewhere…

    Hope this helps!


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    Good information @Jenny-Oest. @Vivin-Vaid, you can also download the Stripe app for your phone and setup notifications to show you how much money was collected for the day. So everyday that I have a transaction, the Stripe app will pop-up a notification of the day’s payment summary. The app also allows you to get the lists and reports Jenny showed on the desktop version.

    Hope this helps!


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    Hi guys!

    Logging directly into the Stripe app is a great place to go for additional data that isn’t visible in MyVR yet, or to confirm whether a payment or refund went through. They also have some nice reporting.

    CAUTION Just be aware that you should probably avoid taking actions directly in Stripe, if you can, as not everything you do there would be communicated back to the MyVR software. E.g. if you took a payment directly in Stripe by typing in the guest’s credit card over the phone, that exists only in Stripe. You’d be better off entering that payment info into MyVR for processing through Stripe. Generally speaking, the integration is built for you to manage Stripe payments from the MyVR software.

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    @Matthew-Giles - what I REALLY want is an email notification when a transfer occurs, but I can’t seem to get that to happen. The text doesn’t help me. I want to end up with the transfer notification in my Evernote automatically, but I’ve tried some of the IFTHEN software solutions, but none seem to work for that. If someone else has figured that one out, please let me know.

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    @Jenny-Oest The only email I receive from Stripe is when a payment is made. I do not know how to get an email for a transfer, only the mobile notification.

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