NEW! Channel Specific Rate Adjustments

  • MyVR Employee

    We're excited to announce the launch of Nightly Rate Adjustments for all integrated channels!

    This feature allows you to apply a percentage increase or decrease to your nightly rates on any integrated channel, giving you more control over the price of your listings.

    A few things to note:

    • The maximum percent increase is 25%
    • The maximum percent decrease is -25%
    • You can apply numbers with up to two decimal places (ex. 4.55%)
    • As a channel-level setting, this applies to all properties listed on that channel
    • This setting will apply to all rates (Ex. Weekend, Weekly, Monthly)
    • This adjustment does not apply to additional fees (ex. cleaning fee)

    To access this feature, head to your desired Channel Integration and go to Channel Settings > Nightly Rate Adjustment

    This is what it looks like for a % increase

    0_1554849952728_Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 3.44.19 PM.png

    This is what it looks like for a % decrease

    0_1554850036227_Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 3.46.34 PM.png

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