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    We’re changing the bedding in one of our properties and need to notify all future guests. For those who decide the property no longer fits their needs, I would like to include a link in the message to other available properties but I would like the stay information included in the link to keep the guest from having to fill out the form.

    I’m having trouble because the date formats are different in messaging templates vs our website

    The date format used in smart tags is MMM DD, YYYY. The date format used in url parameters of a MyVR website is YYYY-MM-DD. This makes it impossible to create a dynamic link in messaging templates using smart tags.

    Does anyone know of any workarounds?

    I would like to build the link like this:, TN&a={{ check_in }}&d={{ check_out }}&g={{ guest_count }}


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    Hey @Steven-Talbott-0

    Unfortunately we don’t have a current workaround for this. I would recommend submitting a feature request around creating new smart tags, or restructuring the URLs to match the smart tags.

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    This might be way out there, and more work than necessary, depending upon how many guests you’re talking about. But…

    Is there a way to use Zapier to create a google sheet that parses the date and creates the format you want, and then send the email via Zapier? It wouldn’t flow through the MyVR dashboard, unless there is a way to cc it into the dashboard?

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