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    We have a contact phone number affiliated with VRBO bookings specifically that guests call from time to time. However, I cannot figure out where this number is listed (email messages?) as we can't access VRBO and I can't locate in MyVR. Can you please point me in the right direction? Doesn't appear in our email templates or messages so not sure. Thanks!

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    @olivia-inman - your best choice maybe to ask the guest how they obtained your number when they call. VRBO typically blocks that info wherever they can prior to booking, so they may have found you through a google search or in another place. Without asking, it's hard to know where to begin looking.

    Have you noticed if it's only guests that have already booked through VRBO that are using it?

    Might it be in an email signature line somewhere outside of the MYVR system, or in a newsletter?


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    Yes, VRBO wouldn't publicize that information. A few guests who have already booked via VRBO mentioned they saw my number on VRBO's website (I can't find anything and that can't right). It can't be in an email they've received because that's what they've been calling to request (i.e. details with address and access code). I'm stumped!

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