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    I have 3 websites and one of the backgounds work perfectly ( ) but the other 2 are not fixed on the website ( &

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    I also need to remove the “Title” section above slideshow which wont allow me to do so on layout editor.

  • Hi Karol,

    Based on your background for it seems like you might be looking to resize the background photo to fill the page, is that correct? If so, below are some instructions on how to resize a banner photo:

    1. In MyVR’s Website Builder, click “Manage” on the desired website
    2. Click the Design & Branding section > click the Edit Design button


    1. In the Design Editor you’ll want to edit the Background Image settings > edit the Banner Options > resize using the scale tool (step 3 in the image below) > Apply Changes.


    You can remove page components on a specific webpage via the Layout Editor by hovering over the element until it is highlighted in green, then clicking the trash can icon at the right hand side. You can edit text on a specific page via the Content Editor by hovering over an element until it turns green, then clicking in the element and typing.

    It looks like the element you’re referring to is sourcing information about the property directly from your MyVR Property section and cannot be edited to remove just the title. What you can do instead is remove it, then replace it with a text block and include just description details about the property (copied and pasted from your MyVR property description section, or rewritten however you’d like.)


    I hope this helps!



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