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    I have had my first cancellation and the guest has agreed to pay any fees incurred as it was last minute. I am waiving my policy as it was a serious medical issue. My question is this, I know I incurred fees by using Stripe to process her credit card and have contacted them to get a total for the transactions.

    I also know my membership for MYVR includes a set VRBO fee for all reservations during the year.

    Are there any other fees I have incurred with cancelling a reservation that I can pass on to her so I am not paying for her change of plans?

    Thanks for any and all help.


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    Hi Roanne,

    That's correct, Stripe does not refund the merchant processing fee when a cancellation occurs. Your MyVR subscription type includes the listing subscription cost for your VRBO listing and with that model, you do not pay a commission to HomeAway for the reservation.

    The 1.49% channel management fee MyVR applies to reservations sourced on channels is subtracted on your next commission invoice.

    In total the only cost you incur is the Stripe fee.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if I can answer additional questions.



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    To clarify: my statement above depends on when your Stripe account was created.

    Specifically, if your Stripe account was created before September 14th, 2017 Stripe will refund the merchant processing fee.

    If your Stripe account was created after this date, Stripe will not refund the fee.

    Here is a handy article for reference: Stripe fees for security deposits and refunds.

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    Thank you so much Anne!

    Have a nice weekend.


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    How do we find out when our Stripe account was created?

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    My Stripe account was set up when I started MYVR.

    I have had really good customer service from Stripe. If you log into your Stripe account and go to the Support page, you can chat with them or ask them to call you.

    Good luck!

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