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    I’m having issues with my photos not filling the area provided for the slider images. Is there a way to adjust the frame or at least find out the frame dimensions?
    You can see them on

  • Hi @Carole ,

    I am not seeing the issue you mentioned. All of our templates are made such that photos expand to fill the available space, so this should not be occurring. If you are still seeing pictures that don’t fill the area provided to them, please submit an issue report in-app or on our contact us page.

    As an aside, I noticed that some of your photos are low resolution (487 x 376 pixels). I recommend only using photos with a minimum resolution of an HD television (1920 x 1080 pixels) to ensure your website looks good on any screen!


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    Thanks Danny -
    It turns out that there is some random strange issue with computers with touch screen monitors and the specific template that I’m using. Who would think! After a bit of back and forth and then what I imagine was a lot of research on the part of Tristan, this was determined to be the problem and Tristan was able to fix it on MyVR’s side so my template now works.
    I’m waiting for another sunny day in Athens to deal with those pixelated photos 🙂

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    Sorry to tag on to an older post here. I’m having this same issue. Photos not formatting correctly on my touch-screen laptop, but they appear correctly on a normal PC. Danny - perhaps you or Tristan could assist me?

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    Hi @Andy-Zeiset - I’m not seeing any issues with your site and a touch screen laptop, would you mind submitting a bug-report with a screenshot so we can look into it?

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