Is there a way to automatically accept a reservation once an inquiry has been made?

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    I am going to be out of email and phone communication for 10 days and am wondering if I can set up MyVR to automatically accept a reservation inquiry if the dates are available? I know my Airbnb is set up to automatically accept, but requests through VRBO and always send me an inquiry that I have to accept or decline?

    I only need to do this short term. I just don’t want anyone to reach out for a rental and I can’t respond.

    Any ideas out there?


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    Hi Roanne,

    Although I don’t use this, I believe that if you switch “automatically approve” to “YES” in your booking policy, that will do what you are asking. You might try testing it before you leave? I don’t know for certain if that will also update your VRBO channel management, but it will remove the approval step for anyone that books directly on your website.

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    Thank you so much Jenny! I’ll give it a try.


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