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    We have three properties we push listings over to VRBO from MyVR's full integration.

    Can you please remind me again why the VRBO listing numbers created from MyVR are not consistent with my original VRBO listings? For example:
    https://www.vrbo.com/4779666ha (This one is owner "Kelley Vacation Homes")
    https://www.vrbo.com/622392 (if people are booking here, are we getting the bookings in MyVR? Super concerning).
    How do we combine these so it's the one with owner Kelley Vacation Homes and with the most reviews?
    And why can I not login to VRBO with the listing MyVR setup? This isn't the case for AirBnB (we can login to that dashboard no problem).

  • MyVR Employee

    Hi Olivia,

    HomeAway has a hard and fast 5 property minimum to list on the channel. MyVR offers owners with fewer than 5 properties distribution on the channel by listing through the MyVR HomeAway account. Owners distributed under this setup do not have access to their own dashboard, as it is a universal account.

    When you transfer the listing to the universal account, MyVR issues a ticket to HomeAway/VRBO to transfer any associated reviews and cancel the old listing. A new listing ID is generated.

    I can't quite tell from the property photos or location map, but if those links are a duplicate of the same property we can open a ticket on your behalf. I am not seeing either of those links associated with properties in your MyVR HomeAway for Owners app. (Grey link under the property name.)

    I will send you a direct message as well so Support can assist further.

    Thank you,


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