Can we create dynamic quote URLs using smart tags or auto respond with a quote attached?

  • Hi,

    Many of our inquiries are from potential guests who simple ask whether or not dates are available and what the price is. I never quite understand why we get so many of these because the dates are populated in the inquiry so they should have received an instant quote when they plugged in their dates.

    I don't see an option to automatically reply with a quote so I thought I could reply with a dynamic link that would take them to our website with the dates pre-selected and the price front and center.

    I know I can send them to something like:


    I have some questions:

    • Are there any other parameters not included in the example above?
    • Are there any other dynamic links we can use with MyVR?
    • How do I create a link that skips the page above but goes directly to the booking flow?

    The links I'm seeing include some kind of session key or encoding in the url. I thought "q=" would be a quote key but the keys I've seen aren't in that format.


    Hopefully, once I figure this out, I can dynamically create a link using smart tags in the messaging templates.

    Thanks for your help!


  • Leader

    I don't think that exists at the moment, but would be an interesting feature request. The catch would be, if the guest books off of that attached quote, I wouldn't want it to be pre-approved in the same way that a quote I send is.

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