Hi @Spencer-K-Bailey , Welcome to MyVR! What is the best way to migrate existing reservations? (And as I understand this should be done prior to pushing to any of the channel connections) You are correct. You should migrate existing reservations for your existing channel listings into MyVR. While you won’t be able to manage existing reservations through MyVR, having the reservations recorded in MyVR will help with syncing availability between channels. The best way to migrate varies by channel and situation, however. You will be instructed on how to migrate existing reservations when you begin a channel integration. The default method to import existing reservations into MyVR is through Basic Calendar Syncing (iCal syncing). How do I import an existing reservation that has already paid a deposit and set it up to send an email to collect the remaining balance through MYVR? You will need to finish managing the reservation through whichever channel it was booked on. You cannot begin managing a reservation through MyVR if it was created on a channel prior to integration. Ultimately I am looking to take an existing reservation and manually input the deposit and then continue the automation features for the remaining balance collection. Possible? If the reservation is already being managed in another channel, this isn’t possible. If the reservation isn’t being managed in another channel, you can enter the reservation manually and start managing it in MyVR. Should I import and add existing reservations from Airbnb so they are not overwritten or will the connection pull those existing reservations in? You will be instructed on how to import those reservations when you begin integrating with Airbnb. Alternatively, if you don’t want to do a full integration, you can use MyVR’s Basic Calendar Syncing to import these reservations while continuing to manage them from within Airbnb. Cheers, Danny