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Is there any easy way to view or export a list of guests emails.

Im trying to make a newsletter and was wondering if there was a quicker way of gathering all the email addresses.


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In response to a question by @Matthew-Giles:
I know just enough about coding to be dangerous. Here's how I added a Weather Forecast to my site.

  1. Open the Advanced Editor for your Local Info page.
  2. Add a "Left Column" formatting block at the bottom of the page.
  3. Into the left column, drag and drop an HTML block.
  4. Enter this code, editing as necessary. Each <li> element creates a new button – so to remove my Calendar example, delete the 7 lines from <li> to </li>. Choose icons from the Glyphicon set included with MyVR's Bootstrap; most of them work, but if the icon comes up blank, try another.
<div style="margin-top:-20px">
   <ul class="nav nav-pills nav-stacked">
         <a href='' target='_blank'>
         <i class="icon-sun">
         Local Weather
         <a href='/events/'>
         <i class="icon-calendar">
         Local Events Calendar
  1. If your area Description is longer than mine (someday I will stop designing and add some actual content) you'll have a small gap above your button.
  2. Result blends with the widget buttons. Note the syntax on the 2 links: include target='_blank’ for external links to open in a new window, while the local Event link loads like any other page of your website.

Although your new button(s) looks like part of the widget, it isn't. It will get pushed to the bottom of the page when you open the Recommendations list. That's the best I can do lacking proficiency in javascript. Not perfect but it works.
{post edited to update icons link and enable copy/paste of code sample – thanks for the feedback!}

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I wondered if anyone would be interested in sharing their websites to receive some constructive criticism / and or design tips from myself and the community? If nothing else it's always inspiring to see what other people are doing...

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One of the reasons MyVR is working so well for me is because of templates I have developed over the years. If I have to respond to a guest's question more than once, there must be a reason. I develop a template.

I'm offering to share some of my best used templates if others are willing to do the same. I feel that we could all learn and improve by sharing our best practices.

Below is my "Available" template. I have modified versions of it for arrival within 30 days, travelers with pets, travelers with babies, and for military discounts. Please feel free to comment if you see where I could improve it. :)

I usually personalize the template between the 1st and 2nd paragraphs, responding to questions from the guest's inquiry. Keep in mind that I use the same template for both my cabins.

Here it is:

Hi {{ first_name }},

Thank you for inquiring about {{ property }} in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Our cabin is available {{ check_in }} to {{ check_out }}.

{{ property }} is a wonderful place to stay in Gatlinburg. It's beautiful views and charming mountain decor really make you feel part of the Great Smoky Mountains!

Our location is incredibly convenient to all the attractions; just 3 miles from the downtown strip, right in the heart of Gatlinburg's Arts & Crafts Community, and within 5 miles of 3 driving entrances into the National Park.

We are right across the border of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. So close that wild turkeys, bears and deer often wander through our resort!

Below is the quote for your stay. A down payment of 50% will reserve your dates. The balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival. A payment request will be sent to you prior to the due date. You can view our rental contract below.

Booking the cabin is very easy. Press the "Book Online" button. and you will be directed to our secure payment site.

{{ property }} has keyless entry. After your reservation is paid; your door code, wifi password, instructions, and detailed directions to the cabin will be sent to you.

Thank you again for considering {{ property }} as part of your vacation. Please feel free to give me a call.


P.S. For more information and pictures, visit our website: {{{ }}}{{{ }}}.

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Here is the first in a series of weekly summaries from the community forum, designed to highlight the most useful posts from the prior week.

Let us know if these summaries are helpful. If they are useful, we'll keep doing them. However, note that you can always view the posts we think are helpful throughout the week by clicking the 'Featured Posts' tab in the top nav bar of the forum:

Here are some of the best posts from last week, in case you missed them.

Please review the overview of our guidelines for the community we've created. Also read the discussion of why we've decided to focus the forum on getting help with the MyVR product and not things like reporting bugs or requesting new features.

How do I add a photo to my community profile?
If you're posting in the forum, please add a profile photo. Here's how!

Collecting additional guest information
Some great tips for users wanting to collect additional fields from a renter, including sending an automated email to collect the info post-booking. Thanks to @Lisa-Beisser and @Jenny-Oest for kicking off this discussion.

How to change the location of your property on the map
A lot of users don't seem to know about the flexibility into whether to show or not show exact location on the map. @Markus-Nordvik sheds some light on this for us.

Adding a Signature to Your MyVR Messages
Looking to add frequently used info when you sign messages in MyVR (name, website URL, phone #, etc)? You can actually use message templates for this!

Couldn't close out a summary of last week's forum activity without mentioning this nice post about MyVR from @Donna-Notaro. Thanks, Donna!

Oh - and we also shared a preview of an upcoming feature for those users with access to the Sneak Peaks category! Be sure to check it out if you've earned access to Sneak Peaks!

Did we miss a post that you thought was great? Add a link to it in the comments below!