• RE: API key access

    Hi @Laura-McGlynn!

    Thanks for reaching out on the MyVR community. API access isn't something offered at the Rent By Owner level at the moment. The only plan that currently allows access to the MyVR API is the Property Manager Pro plan.

    This may be something that gets expanded to more plans down the line (or offered as an add-on), there isn't currently an estimated time frame for that though.

    Please let me know if you have questions!


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  • RE: Using the "USE PROPERTY FILE" feature

    @Kirk-Nankivell Happy to help with this as it can be a little tricky if you're not sure where to go. 😉

    So, first you'll go to Setup > Custom Fields > Property and create a custom field where the Data Type is a file upload. Note: You can either upload a default file or leave it blank - leave blank if different properties will require different files. Then, you'll go to the property where you want to apply the custom file (Properties > Properties > [Property name] > Custom Fields) and, using the "More Actions" (three lines) drop-down to the right of the custom field, upload or replace (Delete and Upload) the file. Once you've selected the file for that property's custom field, it will be accessible to attach in your inquiry correspondence, as shown above.

    I hope this helps!

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  • RE: Invoice with Itemized Billing

    No update on this specific feature request yet. With the recent hiring of 12 new MyVR employees over the span of 5 months, the company is making moves to handle a number of low-hanging fruit items. We'll continue to update everyone in the Product Features section of the platform. We appreciate your patience and votes on feature requests 🙂

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  • RE: Cancel account?

    Hi Lauren,

    A user who closes their account can reopen it at any time. All of their data including websites will be there waiting for them.

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  • RE: Getting a review posted on Homeaway

    @Roanne-Mayer great question - I'm linking a previous Community post here for reference. In short, you need the HomeAway review link which looks like this;

    For VRBO: www.vrbo.com/xxxxx/reviews/write
    For HomeAway: https://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/reviews/write/pXXXXXXX

    For both instances above the Xs represent the property listing number (specific to the channel).

    And then we recommend sending an email to collect the review.

    @Jenny-Oest sets them up in an automatic email that's sent out to users a day after checkout. See it here.

    Once a user completes that review, since we don't import reviews from the channels, we recommend you copy and past them into MyVR.

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  • Meet Some MyVR Community Contributors!

    You may have noticed some new names and faces within the MyVR Community over the last several months, so, we wanted to introduce you to some of the our team members.

    @Amber-Diehl - Technical Support Manager
    Amber is responsible for leading our technical support team as a Customer Support Manager, where she strives to build and maintain positive relationships with our customers. She has a passion for establishing spirited, customer-focused teams and has a background in supporting SaaS/FinTech applications. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, genealogy, and travel — including occasional trips to the Happiest Place on Earth.

    @Lindsay-Barrett - Technical Support Rep
    As part of the support team, Lindsay is eager to help customers succeed by resolving their technical issues. Lindsay began her career in technology after enrolling in a web development boot camp which honed her problem-solving and programming skills. When not debugging issues, she is hiking Lake Tahoe, creating logos or learning to code. Lindsay graduated with a degree in Communications and Design from Carson-Newman University in east Tennessee.

    @Kevin-Poglitsch - Technical Support Rep
    Kevin has built his career providing excellent technical support to customers at a wide range of companies (from startups to Fortune 500) – and is thrilled to now be helping customers of MyVR. Kevin is an alumnus of Johns Hopkins and is committed to continually honing his knowledge of various technical concepts. Kevin recently relocated to Reno and, when not troubleshooting problems, he can be found dabbling in photography, gaming, or listening to music.

    @Alaina-McBride - Program Manager
    Alaina’s specialty is utilizing a clear vision of the big picture to design scalable systems that deliver on business goals. She is passionate about startups at the intersection of tech + real estate. Years of property management experience make her empathetic to both our customers & their valued guests. At MyVR she contributes a technical program management background on SaaS FinTech & appraisal products. If she’s not working, you’ll find her out in the backcountry or anywhere with horses.

    Jess Milligan (That's me!) - Customer Success Manager
    Jess is a passionate customer success advocate fostering ongoing, value-driven relationships between our company and our customers. Her technical roots began at Google where she drove impact for both SMB and Enterprise clients who used Google’s AdWords platform. Always attracted to fast-paced environments, her work history includes dynamic roles within public policy and digital marketing industries. She’s a UC San Diego alumna and California native who recently migrated to, and loves, Reno, NV.

    You can visit the MyVR company page to see all the new (and familiar!) faces of our growing company which now has offices in San Francisco, Reno, and Austin.

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  • RE: Booking.com commission rates....did they go up?

    @Caroline-Benzel - I'm copying some information from an older thread that answers this question:

    On the commission, Booking.com likes us to refer users to them so they can answer this question. They prefer we say something like "starts at 15% and visit https://join.booking.com/ for more info".

    See the Booking.com Rates and Fees post for other thoughts around this.

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  • Community Forum Highlights (8/26/18 - 9/8/18)

    As summer comes to a close, the MyVR team is curious about what you do to get ready for the busy booking season. We'd love to hear from you!

    Other users have been discussing the best accounting software connections. MyVR is also collecting information in this thread on how much time you spend on this part of your business.

    @Tracy-Lucente opened a new question about rankings in the declining a booking thread, prompting more recommendations and wisdom from @Jenny-Oest

    Did we miss a post that you thought was great? Add a link to it in the comments below!

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  • RE: Setup MyVR Website using AWS Route 53

    Hi @Drew-Wade,

    Here is a general guide for pointing a custom domain name purchased outside of MyVR to a MyVR-hosted website.

    Point Your Custom Domain to Your MyVR Website

    While AWS Route 53 isn't mentioned specifically, the general steps should apply to this registrar as well.

    Please let us know if you would like additional assistance.


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  • RE: Anyone using PriceLabs for Dynamic Pricing on MyVR?

    @mary-beth-ericson I can definitely provide some context. We recently launched a Beyond Pricing beta with a small group of users to get a feel for it right now. If you're interested in testing, I would recommending reaching out to support to see if you can get access.

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